Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, and for good reason. It is incredibly strong, long-lasting, and affordable. Its resistance against fire, erosion, rotting, and rusting help keep its maintenance low, but it is not perfect. A common complaint about concrete is its dull appearance. Fortunately, the folks at Concrete Xperts know how to spruce up concrete. Stamped concrete is a wonderful option for those who appreciate concrete but wish it was more aesthetic. Your stamped concrete contractors in Atlanta here at Concrete Xperts are ready to schedule your appointment today.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

At the structural level, stamped concrete is no different from traditional concrete. We use the same materials, and the stamped concrete installation process is mostly the same. So, you do not have to worry about losing the durability, resistance, low maintenance, and affordability of concrete. The difference is simply in the details. Our stamped concrete in Atlanta imitates the patterns and textures of high-end flooring options such as brick, slate, and even wood. Combine this with some sealant and coatings and we can even mimic marble flooring! Call your stamped concrete contractors at Concrete Xperts today to get an insight into the possibilities.

The Installation Process

The installation process of stamped concrete is not much different than traditional concrete. Installing stamped concrete is simply a matter of mixing, pouring, stamping, and curing. However, the simple process should not fool you. With the ease of installation comes sensitivity and room for error. A mixture with too much water risks rough edges and a poor finish while too little water presents the risk of bulging and premature cracking.
Still, this installation process for stamped concrete in Atlanta is much less labor-intensive than the process for pavers. Pavers are also costly to deliver while stamped concrete can be transported quickly and affordably. You also don’t have to worry so much about damaged materials.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance and Repair

Concrete is low maintenance but that does not mean no maintenance. If you want your stamped concrete looking as good as possible for as long as possible, then stay on top of regular cleaning. Take care of spills immediately and don’t let organic material decay on the concrete as they can leave marks.
Though we do not have severe temperatures here in Atlanta, you should still be aware that fluctuations can contract and expand concrete, eventually causing cracks. Professional installation can minimize the risk of cracking with optimal concrete mixes, proper curing, and sophisticated joint installations. Concrete Xperts is proud to deliver premier stamped concrete installation with all of the risks of cracking in consideration. We prepare your concrete for the worst.

We Serve All Areas of Atlanta

Atlanta residents who find themselves searching the web for “stamped concrete near me” can grab the phone and call Concrete Xperts. We are proud to serve all areas of Atlanta with premier stamped concrete installations, replacements, and repairs. Call Concrete Xperts today to speak with a courteous representative and let us walk you through the process. We are always happy to help.