Poured Concrete
Poured Concrete
Poured Concrete

Poured Concrete in Atlanta, GA

Concrete is a popular building – in fact, the most common building material – because it is incredibly durable, strong, and affordable. But these properties depend on the installation. Rushed preparation and poor execution can take away from the value of poured concrete. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about low-quality when you choose Concrete Xperts for your poured concrete in Atlanta. Our concrete contractors have years of experience with poured concrete basement, poured concrete walls, poured concrete foundation, and more. Call Concrete Xperts now to consult with a representative and schedule your appointment today. We are ready when you are.

Reasons to Go with Poured Concrete

You have several options when it comes to your walls and foundation, but the benefits of poured concrete weigh heavy against the competition.
For one, poured concrete is immensely strong and durable, offering a great amount of flexural and compressive strength. As it has very few joints, poured concrete is much denser and will not easily give into buckling or bowing. It also offers significant resistance against lateral water pressure and fire damage.
Poured concrete is also popular for its flexibility as it can be molded into many shapes and designs, granted the contractors are experienced. Concrete Xperts is proud to have contractors with the experience, expertise, and equipment to make many of your dreams come to life.

DIY Poured Concrete

DIY projects are all the rage nowadays with homeowners and property owners interested in trying something new and saving some money at the same time. You should choose your DIY projects wisely, however. Poured concrete might look easy, but it involves a lot of precise measurements, many tools, and time crunch among other difficulties.
For instance, laying a base that is too thin or sparse will make for brittle slabs or foundations, placing uneven forms can disrupt drainage and ruin the overall aesthetic of the poured concrete, and forgetting to broom finish steps can make them as slippery as ice. These are just some of the common mistakes that come to mind, but there is so much that can go wrong.
Let’s also consider the supposed cost savings of a DIY project. Sure, you might save on labor costs, but the materials costs are very likely going to be higher with a DIY project. First, you will have to invest in many new tools and equipment as well as gear. Then, there are going to be mistakes including over- or under-calculating material needs. Factor in the time cost and gas spent on driving and you have quite a dent on your pocket.

Concrete Xperts Serves All of Atlanta

If you have been asking around and searching the web for “poured concrete contractors near me,” then give Concrete Xperts a call. We are thrilled to serve all of Atlanta and surrounding areas with premier poured concrete. Our contractors can prepare walls, steps, foundations, patios, and more. Call Concrete Xperts to consult with one of our representatives and allow us to layout a plan. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment or have a specialist sent to evaluate your property today.