Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Installation in Atlanta

We have a lot of slops and hills here in Atlanta, and they can eat away at your usage property. After all, how are you going to put together a garden when the rain and wind pulls away soil down the slope of your yard or property? Fortunately, there is a way to turn those hills into wonderful right-angles with retaining walls in Atlanta. If you are looking for retaining wall contractors, then look no further as Concrete Xperts is proud to be a source for quality retaining walls in the Atlanta area. Call now to consult with a representative. We are happy to send someone to your property for a survey today. Contact our team now to schedule retaining walls installation in Atlanta, GA and all surrounding areas.

What Are Retaining Walls?

The name is fairly self-explanatory but let us explain. Retaining walls are used to hold back, or retain, earth and even water, but they are most common used to support soil laterally so that you end up having two or more different levels rather than a slope. They are designed to be installed on slopes and can be built with many types of materials including poured concrete, treated wood, rocks, boulders, and so forth. They are common for outdoor spaces, pools, parking lots, and driveways.

Things to Consider

If you are hiring retaining wall contractors, then you should hire some with plenty of experience because there is a lot to consider when erecting retaining walls.

First, make sure you have an understanding of the location. Are there above-ground and underground utility lines or sewer lines? Is the retaining wall going to affect natural drainage patterns? Is there going to be excess soil or will there be additional infill brought to the site?

Then, you need to examine the soil type and make sure it is strong enough to support the retaining walls. The soil base needs to be firm and should not be moist as wet soils such as clay are saturated with water and will hinder drainage channels. You may need to install additional drainage or wall reinforcements if the soil is insufficient.

Finally, consider the design. Are you planning to have few high walls or several walls with lower heights? These will be dependent on the site’s elevation and grade as well as the quality of the retaining wall material you plan to use.
Your retaining walls contractors in Atlanta should have experience and walk you through these considerations. Concrete Xperts will certainly help you evaluate your options and choose the best way forward for your property.

We Serve All Areas of Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas and have been digging through web results for “retaining walls near me,” then look no further. Concrete Xperts is happy to be home to quality retaining walls contractors in Atlanta. Give us a call today to get in touch with a live representative. We are happy to schedule a consultation or have a specialist sent to your location for an on-site evaluation. Don’t forget to ask about ongoing promotional offers and special discounts. We look forward to taking your call.