How to Clean & Maintain Decorative Concrete
How to Clean & Maintain Decorative Concrete
How to Clean & Maintain Decorative Concrete

How to Clean & Maintain Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete has become a popular choice for property owners because it's durable, easy to maintain, and curb appeal. What was once a material for outdoor spaces such as garage floors and driveways, is now a suitable alternative for indoor flooring. While decorative concrete is easy to maintain, this material isn't completely maintenance-free. It will require some routine cleaning and maintenance to extend its life and improve its curb appeal. 

As a porous material, decorative concrete can stain, harbor mildew, and soak up dirt. If you neglect cleaning and maintaining your surfaces, you’ll spend a lot more on repairs down the road.
Cleaning decorative concrete is as simple as sweeping the surface with a broom a few times a week to remove loose dirt and grime. You also need to carry out weekly wet mopping with a neutral cleaner to keep your decorative concrete surfaces looking great. No matter how careful you are, spills are bound to happen. Ensure you clean up spills immediately after they happen. 
For outdoor decorative concrete surfaces such as driveways and pool decks, use a pressure washer to remove stubborn stains. Pressure washing can help remove oil stains, tire marks, and grease spots. Avoid using harsh chemicals to remove oil and grease from decorative concrete surfaces, as they can result in a dull appearance. Instead, use an alkaline solution to get rid of stains. If your decorative surfaces have rust stains, use oxalic acid for cleaning and ensure you do thorough rinsing to remove any residual cleaning solution from the surface.
You’ll need to be careful with chemicals because using the wrong cleaning solutions can damage your decorative concrete surfaces. 

Maintaining Decorative Concrete Surfaces

In addition to cleaning your decorative concrete surfaces a few times a week, you’ll need to reseal the surfaces as necessary.  A good sealer will protect your surfaces against stains, abrasion, and penetrating dirt. A sealant can also help to repel salt residue that commonly shows up in the winter and minimize cracks and chips. You’ll know it’s time to reseal your decorative concrete surfaces when they start losing their luster or shine or stains become visible. 
If you’re unable to choose an ideal sealant for your surface, consult with a concrete company.
For high traffic surfaces, applying a layer of wax specially designed for decorative concrete can help prolong the life of your surface and reduce the need for strenuous cleaning. 
If you need help with choosing the right cleaning solutions for your decorative concrete surfaces, get in touch with concrete contractors. 

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